Incredibly inspiring story about an Autistic basketball player in Rochester, NY, who has the game of his life (3 minute video)

Tucker Dupree will be speaking with us during the DT. He's a world-champion swimmer from Raleigh who has lost 80% of his vision.

Blind high school student hits winning free throws (from ESPN)

Amanda R. Submitted this story in the Processing page:

My aunt participated in the Hawaii Ironman last October, and she told me about a father and son team, the Hoyts. Dick and Rick Hoyt compete in Ironman and a variety of other races together. Rick, the son, has a disability. When Rick was born, the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck, thus cutting off the flow of oxygen to his brain. So his father, Dick, pushes him in a wheelchair and carries him throughout the race. I found a short ten-minute video that tells more about their very inspirational story.

While watching one of the late shows, they showed a clip about a 17 year old boy, Aaron, with spina bifida that invented his own sport called hardcore sitting. This sport is like skateboarding or BMXing on a half-pipe or skate park, but in a wheelchair. Aaron started hardcore sitting when his brother recommended it to him when he was eight while he was watching his friends at the skate park. Aaron was the first person to complete a back flip in a wheelchair. He also has multiple sponsors for himself and the sport as well as his own website. In the Vidz tab at the top, some good videos to look at are Wheels @ Hosoi Launch Ramp Competition, Holy !#%*!, Breaking Barriers, Guinness Book of World Records, and the Carson Daly Show (on the main page and the clip I originally saw).
-Lauren P.