This is a place where we can post any/all movies that we'd like to see during the Discovery Term.

At First Sight
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
Simon Birch

Comments about the Movies:

At First Sight: When our discovery term group watched this movie everyone seemed to be happy with the fact that Virgil got his sight back from the surgery and extremely upset when he started losing it after a month or two. What appalled me about the movie was that Virgil didn't mind losing his vision again as much as my classmates. Virgil seemed not to care as much because he had lived his whole life blind and having to see things that he didn't normally see. This bugged him more than being blind. I think for someone who lost their vision at a point in time in their life, like when they turned 18 or so, would want to have something done to get back what they have lost.