First Day (Monday, May 26)

Speaker coming to to talk about her experiences in a wheelchair, and her organization. (9:30) Question and answer.
Possible wheelchair basketball.
Deaf speaker - question and answer (1:15)
Wrap up

Second Day (Wednesday, May 27)

Trip to Morehead School for the Blind:

Profile of the school, according to the principal:

- 62 students, grades K-12....
- about equal boys to girls
- about equal black to white
- have standard course of study students and occupational course of study students
- come from all over the state
- live here during the week (arrive on Sunday night, leave Friday at noon)
- about 15 day students (don't live here, come in locally)
- have regular classes, e.g., history, english, math, art, music, p.e.

Third Day (Thursday, May 28)

Fourth Day (Friday, May 29)

Fifth Day (Monday, June 1)

Sixth Day (Tuesday, June 2)

Seventh Day (Wednesday, June 3)

Eighth Day (Thursday, June 4)

Mr. Mike Elliot

Ninth Day (Friday, June 5)

Other Planning

Trust Activities (Leah)

Speakers and Misc. Planning

Mr. Mike Elliot (stroke survivor) coming to speak on Thursday, June 4th at 10:00AM.

Blindfold with partner game in drama (Lauren)